Thursday, May 27, 2010

I'm Back - For A Little Bit

I wanted to let you know I haven't forgotten about you. We are in the process of relocating from one state to another and it has taken more of my time than I thought it would. We are out of one house and waiting to move into another. Meanwhile, we are staying with family. Prayerfully, the process will be complete by mid-June.

I am thankful for this move. It brings us much closer to family and old friends. I'm also sad though as I had to leave new friends. It's moments like these that I'm thankful for our current technology. Though I can not meet my friends face-to-face for coffee, I can use Skype and drink coffee while web-chatting. It's almost the same thing - just missing the hugs.

I plan on posting a few more times before the move into the new house. I've missed blogging (and writing in general) and hearing from you quite a bit. Just a head's up though - I will probably take a couple of weeks off when we move so I can focus on bringing order to my house. Please be patient with me.

Thanks for your understanding!