Saturday, May 9, 2009

Happy Mother's Day!

I dedicate this post to my mom.

I've always been thankful for my mom. We've had our disagreements, but I've never doubted her love for me. She let me know from an early age that she (and my dad) always loved me, no matter what. She also worked hard during my pesky teen years to maintain a close relationship with me (although I was nearly perfect - okay maybe not, but I can dream, right?). Though we may be hundreds of miles apart, we are still close. I call her looking for advice and I love telling her stories about her grandchildren.

One of the most important things she ever did for me (besides giving birth to me) occurred when I was five. I remember sitting in her lap and accepting Jesus as my savior. I may not have understood the complete importance of it at that time, but it impacted my life. I am forever thankful for that moment.

I truly never appreciated the difficult task of being a mom until I became one. So many of my emotions, thoughts, and actions dedicate themselves to my children. Though exhilirating, it is also exhausting. So, thank you Mom for your sacrifice, your wisdom, and your love. You are a blessing not only in my life, but in others as well. I love you.

PS: Mom, I'm listening to JG as I write this post in honor of you!


Jan Parrish said...

What a great mother's day tribute. Happy Mothers Day to you as well Jo.

Mom said... are on your way home, so I am going to try again to leave a message. "Love, hugs and kisses, to one of the best and long-time blessings of the Father to me, ever!"

I am so proud of you and all your achievements, and have only the best of expectations for you and the rest of your life. Thank you for being who, and how, you are in this world.

Love You!