Tuesday, February 9, 2010

The Road to Health: A New Series

I am starting a new series about health. I've been researching topics regarding health and food and am trying to apply some of these principals to my family's way of life. I want to explore the responsibilities, if any, a Christian has in taking care of her body. I also want to discuss preventative healthcare vs. our current way of looking at healthcare.

I've battled with my weight for numerous years. When I was younger, I wanted to lose weight so I would look like the skinny models in the fashion magazines. Now I want to lose weight for other reasons - health, energy, and obedience. I also want to model healthy eating habits for my children so they won't grow up with the same issues.

I look forward to sharing this information with you. I also look forward to hearing your thoughts as well.


Diane Marie Shaw said...

Joanna, I look forward to your posts on this topic, hopefully I will be inspired by your blog to begin taking better care of my body.

Denise Miller Holmes said...

Yay. I think it is much better to pay attention to better eating when the motivation is health, not weight loss. I'm on Nutrisystem, and I'm learning to eat fruits and veges. I feel better, more energy, and I am losing weight. I started the diet when I decided to "eat to live" instead of "live to eat." It's an attitude thing. Nutrition is much more important to me now. So looking forward to your health posts, Jo.

smithsk said...

Dittos, Diane.

Healthy living is something I struggle with.

I look forward to your discoveries, Joanna.