Monday, March 14, 2011


To begin with, let me apologize for not posting anything the last six months or so. I started to write a lengthy explanation as to why I haven't been writing or posting anything, but it sounded too much like a lame excuse. Let's just say it involved rebellion, guilt, and finally obedience.

At one point I questioned whether or not I should write anything. I allowed myself to become empty - living my way (which was pretty much in front of the tv after the kids went to bed) and not the Lord's. No church, no regular Bible study, and only a few prayers (when someone needed it).

Next, I felt guilty. I felt like I abandoned you, my reader. Thank you to those of you who stayed.

Finally, after much thought, prayer, repentance and surrender, I feel this is what He wants me to do. Though at times I question whether or not I should write, He has placed this blog on my heart.

In future posts I want to share what the Lord has been doing in my life. Please know that when I write, I do so with the intent to share with you, not as an expert, but as one living the journey. I am not a theologian.

One final note: Thank you Brian, Melyssa, and Denise for your encouraging words. The Lord used them as confirmation.


Diane Marie Shaw said...

Joanna, I think we all have our seasons when we pull back from the things we are supposed to do. You called it straight when you said rebellion. I have been there too many times. It is hard to admit these things but freeing too.
So you are free, don't let guilt come on you. Take a deep breath, sit back and allow God to use you. His grace is always sufficient.
So very glad you are back.

Melyssa said...

So glad you are back at it, Joey!! Can't wait to read anything you post but especially hope you will feel like your biblical word studies again. They made me think and I really enjoyed your insite. Love Ya!!

Diane said...

You know how true this is for me right now too! I love your writing! Keep going!

Joanna said...

Thank you all for your support.
Diane S. - I just read your Lenten post. Very timely. I will admit, my break started out as that - a break, but then rebellion creeped in and well, we know the rest of the story.

Melyssa - I will resume my Word Study days. I learn a lot from them as well.

Diane C. - thank you for stopping by. Hang in there and surrender. I know it's hard right now, but He has you in His hands. Many blessings!

mj said...

Hey Jo,

For as long as I have known you, you have been a writer. Writers take breaks - it's part of the process! Welcome back and I so look forward to reading your blog!


Joanna said...

Hi MJ!

I agree with the breaks - that's what it started out as - a break. Then, it became more of a rebellion.

Thanks for the encouraging words and thanks for reading my blog!

Love you back!

Anonymous said...

Thankful for your willingness to encourage those of us who are hungry for your talents, you are amazing