Friday, March 20, 2009

Politics - As Usual

I’m really not one to talk (or in this case write) about politics. If I do so, it’s because I’m extremely frustrated. Well, guess what? I’m there. Actually, I’m beyond frustrated, I’m mad.

I had hoped I would be wrong about this administration. I wondered if we would really see any hope and change. A popular bumper sticker during the campaign said this: "Change: It’s all you’ll have left." I’m beginning to believe it. I’m sure the slogan "Yes, we can!" didn’t originally mean "Yes, we’re the government and we can tax you on everything!"

I have decided, for my own peace of mind, to stop watching the news. At least for a few days. This whole mess with AIG, Congress, and the Treasury Secretary is just the latest. It stresses and saddens me. I find myself extremely cynical of the government and I don’t want to be.

This past week has been no exception. First, Senator Dodd claims that he had no idea the stimulus package contained a bonus protection clause. Then, the very next day, he admits to writing it himself at the behest of the administration. He also claims that though he was hesitant about it, he didn’t think it would be a big deal. Seriously? Millions of dollars in "retention" bonuses paid to people who no longer work at AIG wouldn’t be a big deal to the country. Oh, please! We’ve already given them billions of dollars that we’ll probably never recoup. Now Congress is trying to cover its backside by taxing the recipients of the bonus. I have mixed feelings about this. I feel it sets a bad precedent. We’ll have to wait and see if the tax is legal. I’m sure tens of lawyers are already on the case.

Instead of watching the news, I will read a book or two. I will write. More importantly I will pray. I will pray for our leaders and our country. I will pray for the people who have lost jobs, suffered salary cutbacks, are concerned with their housing situation, have health coverage worries, and so on. Though I may have lost hope in this administration, I haven’t lost hope in the Lord. He alone can change the hearts of people and give them hope in their situations.

Note: March 23: Here is the link to the article that Loretta mentioned in her comment. For whatever reason, the whole link isn't appearing in the comment box (at least on my end. I'm sure it's an error on my part).


Loretta said...

Amen, Joanna!!

Can't agree more about AIG. The only thing my dad said was everyone's worried about the bonus money, but where did the $20 billion go? It got funneled right to Goldman Sachs. Anyone asking why?

Joanna said...

That's a very good question.

Note: For whatever reason the whole link is not appearing in Loretta's comment. I'll try to repost it here:

denise said...

I am frustrated too. I think the whole Tarp/Talf lets-throw-the-people's-money-around philosophy is a circus. Stupidity. But you're right. You can't be ignorant of what's going on, but curtailing information is often a way to find peace. Focus on what God can do with this mess. Our representatives' brains have turned to mush.

Loretta said...

I do not believe our government is a circus, I believe they have a plan. If you read history, then you see these are the exact same steps that the Bolshevik Revolution and Stalin and other socialist governments took over. While everyone was worried about the AIG mess, the Obama group monetized the debt. Do we recognize the steps of a quiet take over? A quiet rise to socialism? This socialism will not be tolerant of Christianity either. If you don't know about Glenn Beck, it is worth your time to check it out. History is repeating itself, but we can stop it if we act and don't assume that someone else is doing it.

A good read is:

Joanna said...

Loretta - I saw Glenn Beck's report about the militia criteria. The questions they use to id militia members seem to be a bit ridiculous.

I have also noticed that while we focus on one issue, other issues seem to go unnoticed. For example, while we focused on AIG last week, Pres. Obama was considering having veterans use private health insurance to cover service-related injuries. He finally dropped the idea after a few protests and Jon Stewart mocked the idea on the Daily Show. I never really saw any main stream media reports about it - at least nothing near as much as AIG. I first heard about it via a blog.

Melyssa said...

Joey, I'm with you. I do not read the news as often as I should because it does nothing but ruffle my feathers. While I know we, the public, do not know everything (nor should we) I'm pretty good at adding 2 and 2 and seeing we're headed in the wrong direction. I'm starting to think Canada is looking better and better :).

Joanna's Hubby said...

That bumper sticker you referred to was misprinted, they scrambled the words by mistake. It was supposed to read: "Change: It's all LEFT you'll have."
If the citizens of this country would take the time to research the issues before voting, we may not have the most liberal administration in history voted in because he is a good speaker (with teleprompters).