Sunday, January 17, 2010

Praying for Haiti

As most of you know, a major earthquake devastated Haiti this past week. Thousands perished, and many more are left with limited food, water, and medical attention. My prayer for Haiti is for these conditions to be remedied quickly. I also pray more survivors are found.

The generosity inspired by this tragedy is heartwarming. Just when you think the world is a dark, lonely place, people come through with giving - either of themselves, with supplies or financially.

This is a time to pray for Haiti, not a time to curse it. A time to put the spotlight on the suffering and poverty enveloping this country. This is a time to live Christ's example - not with condemnation, but with love. And not with self-congratulatory giving, but with love.

Enough said.

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smithsk said...

And the earthquakes still keep on coming, like labor pains.
Yet, some of the stories I have seen on the news are so inspiring as this disaster has brought out the best in those who have come to help.
The victims and the rescue workers need God's protection. Thanks for your voice in keeping us focused.