Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Word Study: Steadfast

2 Chronicles 27:6 "Jotham grew powerful because he walked steadfastly before the LORD his God."

I read this verse in a book I'm currently studying. I stopped and made a note of the word "steadfastly," because I wanted to know the Biblical application of this word and apply it to my life. Granted, I'm not looking to become powerful enough to rule a nation, but I would like to be powerful in areas of my life. defines "steadfast" as "firm in purpose, resolution, or faith. Unwavering."

The KJV of this verse uses the phrase "prepared his ways" in place of "steadfast." The Hebrew word for "prepared" is "kuwn" and it means "establish, fix, set, prepare, apply," (Strong's Exhaustive Concordance).

The Hebrew word for "ways" is "derek" and it means "a course of life or mode of action; a journey."

When read together, these definitions become powerful to me. I am steadfast when I establish my journey before the LORD. It is an action I do with purpose. I may not know what the LORD has planned for me, but I can set my course of life according to His purpose.

As a result of standing firm in my faithful journey, I will become powerful in Him. The Hebrew word for powerful is "chazaq" and it means "strong, courageous." So, though I may encounter challenging, fearful times, if I choose to walk steadfastly with the LORD, He will make me strong and courageous.

This is encouraging. Another encouraging verse is Proverbs 3:6. It says "In all your ways acknowledge Him and He will make your paths straight." I need to leave my ego behind and acknowledge the LORD in all my "ways" (the same definition applies). I have issues in my life that I've held onto because I figure I can handle them. Yet, here I am, years later, still battling these issues - without success. I need to acknowledge the LORD in every way, remain steadfast in my faith, and He will make me powerful and courageous enough to overcome these strongholds.

What about you? Do you have areas in your life where you need to acknowledge the LORD? Are you walking steadfastly before the LORD? What's holding you back?


Melyssa said...

In one of my Mitford books, Father Tim talked about giving thanks for for all things in your life...even the perceived bad things. Even those bad things can teach us something or reveal something to us. That little passage in a seemingly little book helped me with some of those issues I've wrestled with over the years.

Now I will add your devotional to my bag of tricks. Thanks!

Joanna said...

Thanks, Melyssa. Thanks also for sharing what you've learned to help you cope.

Denise Miller Holmes said...

I noticed that "powerful" became an INTERNAL power once it was defined as courage. When I read the verse the first time, I assumed it was an EXTERNAL power. Your research of the definition changed the meaning of the verse for me in a good way. Nicely done, Jo.